October Man Sequence – Why Ultra Evil Seduction Technology Must Be Banned

October Guy Series – The Bane Of Mankind

The October Guy Series has been discussed in “The Recreation” via Neil Strauss, and has turn into quite mythical. In a similar fashion, this is a new generation in seduction that is probably in a position to make a lady need to sleep with a person in a question of mins.

While it used to be first revealed within the eBook layout, the October Guy Series brought about a problem within the courting and seduction group. There have been requires the eBook to be banned – when you consider that if it falls into the arms of the unscrupulous, it may possibly simply be destructive to girls.

The origins of the October Guy Series

The October Guy Series is created by way of a member within the courting and seduction group referred to as Twotimer (later referred to as IN10SE). He used to be one of the most primary characters in “The Recreation”, and in addition used to be the protege of the so much maligned Velocity ​​Seduction author, Ross Jeffries. Twotimer created the series in response to the ‘fractionation’ approach derived from the sector of neuro-lingustic programming (NLP) and hypnosis.

Why the October Guy Series will have to be banned

In line with IN10SE itself, the use of the October Guy Series is like “bringing a nuclear weapon to a gunfight”. As the root of the series is ‘symbolism’, consistent with psychology conception, controlling the emblem related to the individual frequently method controlling her emotions at will.

That is bad since the unsuspecting sufferer frequently will get hypnotized, after which leaving herself susceptible to manipulation. Moreover, she is going to really feel ache or excitement relying at the purpose of the person, and there ahead of turns into succumbed at his overall mercy.

The October Guy Series eBook has the entire description of the series, in addition to ratings of alternative prohibited styles comparable to “The Door”, “Demise”, “Set up Illness” and “My Slave”. The latter is used to make a lady turn into a ‘intercourse slave’ – completely disgusting.

Moreover, there could also be a piece on Boyfriend Destroyers – questions that a guy can ask to be able to make an hooked up lady query her love for her personal spouse. Evil stuff certainly.


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